Douglas K. McCarty, Ph.D.


Broad experience in geology and mineralogy with a specialty in clay mineralogy. Research includes quantitative mineral analysis by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and mineralogy for petrophysics at Chevron, ETC, Houston, TX; characterization of the structure and composition of rock forming minerals by multiple methods including XRD, small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS), subcritical nitrogen gas adsorption (SGA), Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), TGA-Mass Spectroscopy and TGA-FTIR; development and application of methods to accurately determine porosity and pore-size distribution in tight oil and gas reservoirs; surface chemistry and rock and fluid interactions related to hydrocarbon production. These primary research areas involve applied research and technology development through multiple techniques to characterize and quantify the composition, petrophysical, and physical properties of rock formations especially in nano-scale texture and porosity in unconventional reservoirs.


Advisor: Dr. R.C. Reynolds Jr.
UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA, MISSOULA, MT M.S. Geology, 1990 – Honors Graduate
Advisor: Dr. G.R. Thompson
UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA, MISSOULA, MT B.A. Geology, 1986 – Honors Graduate



  • Senior Staff Geologist. Specialist in clay mineralogy. Core analysis consultant and technical advisor, Chevron ETC Mineral Analysis Laboratory. Research in compositional characterization and quantification of fine-grained sedimentary rocks by X-ray diffraction yielding the following accomplishments and skills:


  • Development of a new method of whole rock quantitative analysis of clay-bearing rocks,
  • Co-founder and principle organizer of the Reynolds Cup competition in quantitative mineral analysis (2002), second place finisher (2004), first place finisher (2006),
  • Development of genetic algorithm optimization method and computer programs,
  • BESTMIN/BestRock, to determine elemental composition of individual minerals, including those with ionic substitution and solid solution, in multi-phase sedimentary rocks,
  • Development of advanced computer programs for one-dimensional and three-dimensional diffraction effects of disordered structures,
    Support of a wide variety of research and routine oil industry applications (April 1997 – Present).


  • Quantitative clay mineral analysis and characterization using XRD computer simulation, using multispecimen simulation (modeling),
  • FTIR analysis of illite and smectite,
  • TGA-MS research on rocks and minerals to evaluate surface area and structural features,
  • Rietveld refinement of complicated structures (two-phase excess-Ca dolomite), clays and micas,
  • Thermal based methodology for total porosity by water immersion,
  • Subcritical gas adsorption for pore-size distribution between organic and inorganic components in unconventional resources.

MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY, Bozeman, MT (September 1995 – December 1996).

  • Visiting adjunct professor of geology. Courses include: mineralogy, physical geology, igneous petrology, environmental-resource geology, and clay mineralogy-shale petrology.
  • Research Scientist – Trace metal partitioning, distribution in acid mine drainage streams. NSF Grant 9410957 “Heavy metal concentrations in stream sediments: analyses of local variability and hydraulic controls.”

MATRIX CONSTRUCTION INC., Anchorage, AK (June-August 1995).

  • Geotechnical evaluations and quality control manager. Construction aerial tramway, Big Sky, MT. Geotechnical design for base terminal on active rock glacier, and top terminal design on shattered blocks from ice-wedging


  • Weather and avalanche hazard forecaster for Colorado Department of Transportation and Public Recreation. Instructor of avalanche phenomena, snow physics, and safety. Training programs for public and highway department personnel. Student intern advisor and supervisor, University of Colorado.

DARTMOUTH COLLEGE, Hanover, NH (1990-1993).

  • Research and teaching assistant, laboratory instructor for geology courses, during Ph.D. program in the Earth Sciences Department.


  • Ph.D. candidate summer intern. Research geologist and clay mineralogist.


  • Drill site and exploration geologist – New World Mine.

UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA, Missoula, MT (1988 – 1989 academic year).

  • M.S. student and laboratory instructor geology courses – geology department.


  • High tension rigger, aerial passenger tramway – seasonal construction work subcontract, remote sites Alaska.

UNITED STATES FOREST SERVICE, Juneau and Anchorage, AK (winters 1980-1983).

  • Avalanche hazard forecaster – avalanche control specialist, avalanche phenomenon and field instructor.


  • Alta, Utah; Big Sky, MT; Bridger Bowl, MT, avalanche study research assistant, engineering department, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT.


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