Michael Santiago, CEO AND PRESIDENT



Michael is a geologist backed by over 20 years of core analysis and business development experience. Michael is the President and CEO of CoreSpec Alliance LLC. Prior to CoreSpec Michael lead the successful start-up of Poro-Labs, Inc. Poro-Labs was acquired by NUTECH in 2011.


Michael is a highly driven individual with proven experience, technical sales credentials, and knowledge in petroleum services. Michael’s background includes:


  • Laboratory Start Ups
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Business Development
  • Reservoir Characterization (Wellsite, RCA, SCA, GeoChem, Rock Mechanics, PVT, Mineral Analysis)
  • Marketing
  • Lab Safety
  • Product Development
  • Team Building
  • Financials


Employment History 


POROLAB Vice President, NUTECH


Responsible for the laboratory business unit that has advanced into geochemistry, mercury injection capillary pressure, and mineral analysis. Involved in the development and methodology of core analysis procedures.  Delivery of technical presentations and marketing products. 


Founder, President, and CEO, Poro-Labs, Inc.


Responsible for the startup of a High Pressure Mercury Injection Analysis Lab that was successful and acquired by NUTECH within one year. Co-Author of SPE 149432 “Sample Size Effects on the Applications of Mercury Injection Capillary Pressure for Determining the Storage Capacity of Tight Gas and Oil Shales 


Business Development Manager, Halliburton Consulting


Oil and gas Consulting focused on exploration and production Responsible for executive client management, administration of consulting resources and all service provision operations. Strong emphasis consistently placed on overall profit and loss accountability Lead person for all BD resources for Halliburton Consulting for North America. Helps establish the strategic direction for Halliburton Consulting. Maintains an overview of the market and marketing of the company to identify opportunities and grow profitable revenue and a balanced portfolio suited for the market conditions 


North America Account Manager, Knowledge Systems


Duties and Responsibilities included handling all sales activities and quota for Knowledge Systems Consulting Services in North America prior to Halliburton purchase in May 2008 


Technical Sales Executive, Core Laboratories


Responsible for developing and maintaining profitable relationships with both existing clients and potential customers, typically from a mid level Manager up to and Exec level manager


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